Advancing climate solutions

ExxonMobil’s Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report outlines the company’s approach to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in support of a net-zero future.

Access the full Advancing Climate Solutions 2023 Progress Report, including important cautionary statements. 

Report Dec. 15, 2022

Advancing climate solutions
Image United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to this content.
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to this content.
As the world continues to face the challenge of securing adequate energy supply while ensuring the energy transition proceeds at page – divergent views have emerged.  There are some who believe that society’s efforts should be solely directed toward the energy transition without considering the very real consequences of not ensuring energy security.  ExxonMobil and others see the situation for what it is: There are two challenges of great importance, both necessitating the full cooperation and effort of companies, governments, and NGOs worldwide in order to address these critical issues.

In this edition of our Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report, we share the ways in which ExxonMobil remains determined to tackle head-on the challenges of strengthening energy supply security and reducing emissions to support a net-zero future while growing value for our shareholders and stakeholders.  We discuss the ways we will continue delivering solutions that lower the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of our portfolio and help meet society’s growing need for affordable and reliable energy and products.