How we assess and manage our operations, from initial planning to decommissioning and rehabilitation.

Our approach

ExxonMobil’s projects around the world involve work in remote and sensitive environments, such as deep water and areas of high biodiversity.

We aim to develop, maintain and operate projects responsibly, using appropriate standards that enable us to Protect Tomorrow. Today. We strive to be a leader in environmental management, and work to understand and mitigate potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

Our focus areas

ExxonMobil has extensive experience operating in a wide range of challenging physical environments around the world, and works to progress environmental initiatives. Protect Tomorrow. Today. is our guiding principle, focusing our Company culture on the need to help protect the environment where we operate.

    From 2016 to 2021,

    36% reduction

    in controlled hydrocarbon discharges to water


    See Performance Data Table

    We collaborate with the Wildlife Habitat Council to certify programs for conservation at 


    ExxonMobil sites globally

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    • Governance

      Our Board of Directors oversees and provides guidance on the company’s strategy and planning, which includes opportunities and risks related to climate change and a lower-emission future. Directors engage with experts from inside and outside the company and apply their individual experience and perspective in this work, with a focus on growing shareholder value and playing a leading role in the transition to a lower-emission future. 

    • Social

      Around the world, ExxonMobil aims to be a preferred business partner, employer and supplier. We work to safeguard the health and security of our employees and the public, responsibly manage our social impacts, and uphold respect for human rights in our operations.

    • ExxonMobil workers in safety gear


      ExxonMobil is committed to creating sustainable solutions that improve quality of life and meet society’s evolving needs in ways that help protect people, the environment and the communities where we operate.  This report provides a summary of the key dimensions of sustainability: our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

      Reporting guidelines and legal information