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Leverage our world-class facilities to research the energy solutions of tomorrow.

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Research the energy solutions of tomorrow. Our teams develop technology to reduce the impact of our operations on the communities and environments where we operate across the globe. Gain access to world-class facilities to advance research on innovative technologies and develop game-changing products and processes.

At ExxonMobil, we believe in personalized career growth — your first job role is just a starting point for your professional future. Review the featured job families below to see how you may chart your own career path.

Analytical or Research Laboratory

Our laboratory is where expert insights happen. The Analytical/Research Laboratory group develops and implements innovative, analytical techniques across a range of multi-disciplinary technologies. They develop expertise in experimental research techniques and methods along with relevant test methods. Additionally, this group maintains deep understanding of analytical equipment needs, and analyzes and audits interpretation of instrument data.
Example roles: Advanced Analytical Scientist, Advanced Tool Development Scientist, Analytical Scientist, Experimental Research & Laboratory Specialist, Laboratory Technical Team Lead, Plant/Site Chemist, Research & Laboratory Support Experimentalist, Upstream Laboratory Professional

Computation and data sciences

We lead the industry in computational science capabilities. The Computational Sciences Job group develops state-of-the-art computer science, mathematical and computational tools that solve some of the biggest problems of science, engineering and commerce. This group engages in these principal areas of work: physics-based predictive models, actionable insights from data to support decision-making, innovative numerical and analytical applied mathematics techniques, algorithms and methods, commercial-quality software, high-performance computing systems, and software and training.
Example roles: Computational Project Team Lead, Data Scientist, Expert Computational Geometry Scientist, Thermodynamics Computational Scientist, Fluids Computational Scientist, High Performance Computing Engineer, Mathematical Optimization Computational Scientist, Solids Computational Scientist, Technical Software Engineer, Thermodynamics Computational Scientist

Process research

Be part of the team that sets ExxonMobil apart. The Process Research group leads discovery and development of differentiating process technologies, enterprise-wide. Additionally, this group supports strategic platforms including process development, catalyst development, and process modeling & optimization.
Example roles: Fluid Dynamicist, Heterogeneous Active Materials Development Scientist, Non-Zeolite Heterogeneous Active Materials Scale-up Scientist, Process Developer, Process Modeler, Reactor Engineer, Refining/Chem Process Developer, Thermodynamicist, Zeolite Active Materials Scale-up Scientist

Products technology

Our innovative teams set us a cut above the rest. The Products Technology group works closely with business partners to extend technology leadership through the products, technology, and technical support ExxonMobil needs today and tomorrow.
Example roles: Asphalt Technical Expert, Base Stocks & Specialties Technical Expert, BSA Technical Professional, Chemical HazCom Author, Fuel Products Technical Professional, Lubricant Technical Support Professional, Organometallic Catalysis Chemist, Polymers Application Development Professional, Polymers Customers Applications Professional, Product Fundamentals Scientist

Research and technology leadership, management, and supervisors

The management our innovative teams need to realize the future. This group encompasses supervisory and management job roles across the entire Research & Technology career path. Additionally, they also ensure plan execution, alignment, productivity and collaboration.
Example roles: Introductory Level Supervisor, Portfolio Manager

Science and discovery

We’re always looking for the next big thing—and for those who share in that excitement. The Science and Discovery group creates, sustains, and accesses science-based capabilities across a range of disciplines. These sciences include physical, chemical, biological, and energy systems. They’re characterized by deep science-based research, with an emphasis on cross-sector and cross-disciplinary capability, and a long-term view of corporate science needs. External engagement and an interest in staying up-to-date on related, scientific research are critical for these job roles.
Example roles: Active Materials Scientist, Biological Research Scientist, Catalysis Research Scientist, Computational Physicist, Ecotoxicologist, Energy and Environmental Research Scientist, Engineering Physicist, Epidemiologist, Exposure Scientist, Fluids Scientist, Hydrocarbon Scientist, Machine Learning and Optimization Scientist, Materials Scientist, Polymer Scientist, Separations and Process Chemistry Scientist, Tomography, Spectroscopy and Scattering Scientist, Toxicologist

Ideal candidate

Ideal for people who stay up-to-date on relevant scientific research, approach a problem from multiple angles, and care deeply about data and outcomes.

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