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Safety is a core value that defines our culture—it applies to every aspect of our global operations. We strive to keep our workforce and facilities secure in an ever-changing environment. Support the health of our workforce as an on-site industrial hygienist, nurse or physician. Spot the problems of tomorrow by advising operating sites and project teams on environmental and socioeconomic issues.

At ExxonMobil, we believe in personalized career growth — your first job role is just a starting point for your professional future. Review the featured job families below to see how you may chart your own career path.

Environment, regulatory, and socioeconomic (ERS)

Protecting the future by addressing the challenges of today. The Environmental, Regulatory and Socioeconomic (ERS) group ensures our workforce has the skills to drive superior environmental performance while working to reduce incidents to zero. Through a process of continuous improvement, this group advocates for the development of regulations based on sound scientific principles. Additionally, the ERS group promotes risk assessment and mitigation techniques to identify responsible standards for the protection of the local environment.
Example roles: ERS Advisor, ERS Manager, ERS STPC


We specialize in on-site wellbeing. The Health group ensures our workforce can identify and evaluate health risks that can potentially affect our employees, contractors or the public, and then implement programs and protective measures. Our health practitioners also address diverse health considerations around the world. Example roles: Industrial Hygienist, Nurse, Physician


People, assets and information require round-the-clock protection. The Security group supports the delivery of superior security performance through some of the world’s most robust security programs. This group also implements security measures that take into account perceived risks, countermeasures, relationships with local communities, and compliance with applicable laws.
Example roles: Global Security Advisor, Security Manager, Security Supervisor, Site Security Contact

Safety and risk

The Safety and Risk group specializes in personnel safety, process safety/risk, operations integrity, and emergency preparedness and response. They also conduct succession planning for key positions, maintain curriculum, and analyze competency to ensure critical skills stay up to date.
Example roles: Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) STPC, Personnel Safety STPC, Process Safety and Risk STPC, Safety and Risk Advisor, SSHE Manager, SSHE Specialist, SSHE Supervisor, SSHE Technician

Ideal candidate

Ideal for people who know how to stay on top of regional laws and customs, look out for others, and spot problems before they happen.

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